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Most of the editions are sold out and not available in bookshops.

They can still be found by searching second hand book websites

Published by the author, from 1974 to 1985,

– in french only :


Lavielle Editions (Biarritz) 1985 – 1991 :

– in french only :

Elkar Editions (San Sebastian, Spain) : 1989-1996

2 éditions : Flag_of_France20  bandera1981

Elkar Editions (San Sebastian, Spain) : 1982-1998

3 éditions : Flag_of_France20  bandera1981  Flag_of_the_Basque

Elkar Editions (San Sebastian, Spain) : 1998-2002

4 éditions : Flag_of_France20  bandera1981  Flag_of_the_Basque  Flag_of_Catalonia

Rare edition

The first edition of Pyrenes 1000 ascensions Tome I was illustrated with pen sketches in black and white in the three languages

Pir1 N&B                Pir 1 couleur

The second edition was illustrated with colour sketches ([graphic palette ?]) in the three languages

SUA Editions (Bilbao, Spain),  Rando Editions (Tarbes, France) and M.C.T. (Pau, France) :

News maps !

New serie : 1:25.000 Pyrenean maps

25k nueva serie1


On top : drawing by Yann Renauld © 1999

  Original drawings by Yann Renauld